The Startup That Raised $225 Million To De-Extinct The Wolly Mammoth w/ Ben Lamm (Co-Founder)

Colossal Biosciences aims to bring back extinct species and restore biodiversity. Prior to Colossal, Ben was the founder of Hypergiant Industries, a leading AI company that works with Fortune 500 clients and the US government. He also founded Conversable, which was acquired by LivePerson, and Chaotic Moon Studios, which was acquired by Accenture. He is a serial entrepreneur, now working to support the restoration of healthy ecosystems. And one of the ways he is working to do that is by bringing back to life the Woolly Mammoth and The Dodo.

Twitter of Host (Shamus Madan): @mbitpodcast

Twitter of Guest (Ben Lamm): @federallamm

Learn more about Colossal here.

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