About Me

In December 2020, I started the MBIT (Markets Business Investing and Tech) Podcast with the goal to share quick news bites in business and tech with the next generation. But I soon realized how difficult of an industry that is to break into.

So, I pivoted the show into something I love. Asking questions. Every week, I sit down with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and even billionaires to share their stories with the next generation. So whether you are starting a business, looking to become an investor, or even just seeking to learn from the greatest minds in the industry, MBIT is the community for you.

I hope the content is valuable, and if you ever need anything from me, have any suggestions, or want to recommend a potential guest, you can email me 24/7 here: mbitcontact1(at)gmail(dot)com.

P.S. The voice of our podcast intro may sound familiar, especially if you've lived in New York. It's on behalf of Charlie Pellett, the Official Voice of the NYC Subway. :)

Thank You,