The Reality of Entrepreneurship: Matt MacInnis on Building Inkling, Exiting, and Then Scaling Rippling to an $11 Billion Valuation

Matt MacInnis began his career at Apple, spending seven years in the education and business development sector. After his time at Apple, he embarked on a new mission to build his own company, Inkling, a digital publishing platform for educational materials that raised over $102 million in funding and partnered with leading textbook publishers.

Now Matt is the Chief Operating Officer at Rippling, an all-in-one HR and IT platform that eliminates a lot of the administrative burden required to run a company. He joined when there were just 70 employees, and today they are ranked as one of LinkedIn’s top startups with over 1800 employees and valued at $11.25 Billion.

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Twitter of Guest (Matt MacInnis): @stanine

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