The Former CEO of Waze Is Building A New Social Platform For News w/ Noam Bardin (Founder & CEO)

Noam Bardin is the former CEO of Waze. During his time as the CEO of Waze, he launched Waze Ads, drove Monthly Active Users up from 2,000 to 140 million, built up the Waze Global community, and much more. Now he is the CEO of Post which aims to develop a platform where publishers can generate revenue from micropayments where users pay as little as five cents to read individual articles. This would enable users to read the articles of their liking without having to pay subscriptions to each publishing company. The platform also combines a social component enabling anyone to create, share, and engage with the posts.

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Twitter of Host (Shamus Madan): @mbitpodcast

Twitter of Guest (Noam Bardin): @noam

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