How Mike Salguero Scaled A $600 Million/Year Business With No Venture Funding

Let’s talk about entrepreneurship. Over the last few decades, it has gone from being looked at as “taboo” to being idolized. And since the creation of the internet and social media, it looks like everyone is becoming one. We are sitting down on our couch, consuming the stories of people successfully building their companies and thinking, “Oh, I could have done that!” With there being over 582 million entrepreneurs in the world, the competition is next level. That begs the question…how do you do it? And what if you can’t raise any VC money for my business idea? Can you still have a business?

The answer is yes, and today as a guest, Mike Salguero will share his story of building a $600 Million business from no venture funding. And he will share why, after his last company has not taken a dollar from VC, and maybe why you shouldn’t either.

Twitter of Host (Shamus Madan): @mbitpodcast

Twitter of Guest (Mike Salguero): @mikesalguero

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