From Exiting His Company For $320 Million To Investing In Startups Solving Climate Change w/ Josh Felser

Today we have to talk about climate change. There’s more carbon dioxide in our air than at any time in human history. And it could end up being irreversible if corrective action isn’t taken. Today, Josh Felser joins the podcast to discuss his new firm, Climactic, investing in enterprise and mobility climate solutions. Prior to Climactic, Josh was the founder of Spinner, which he co-founded with his business partner Dave Samuel. It was one of the first online music and entertainment services that he sold to AOL for $320 Million. He also co-founded Crackle with Dave and sold that company to Sony for $65 Million. After being in the entrepreneurial world for a while he decided to launch his own fund Freestyle, investing in companies like Airtable and Patreon. He recently left to launch Climactic.

Twitter of Host (Shamus Madan): @mbitpodcast

Twitter of Guest (Josh Felser): @joshmedia

Learn more about Climactic here.

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